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Is yeast infection contagious? Yeast infections are the plight of many unfortunate people and they can be very worrying. The last thing anyone suffering from a yeast infection needs is another thing to be concerned about, but unfortunately, there is still one important question that needs to be addressed: is a yeast infection contagious?

There is some degree of debate as to whether or not yeast infections are actually contagious. Some people are under the firmly believe that they are not contagious at all, but this belief can be very hazardous. People seem to be unable to get a clear and single answer to their simple question: is yeast infection contagious?

Yeast infections, or more accurately called Candida yeast infections, are basically a build-up of yeast in the body, this is probably due to the immune system not filtering effectively. It is not regarded as a diseases, so it does not operate in the same way the common cold does. But the question still remains, is a yeast infection contagious after all?

The short answer to this question is yes. A yeast infection can spread, but only under very specific circumstances. First of all, the person being exposed to it must already be bacterially or hormonally imbalanced, and therefore be very vulnerable to getting a yeast infection. Secondly, there must usually be some form of direct contact made.

The most common way for it to be spread is through unprotected sexual intercourse. Having intercourse with someone with a yeast infection can cause a yeast infection, and if it doesn’t, it will likely cause red rashes and itchiness in the genital area. This is a very painful and uncomfortable experience, and so precaution is advised with this respect.

There is a longer answer to the question ‘is yeast infection contagious’? Technically, a yeast infection does not actually ‘spread’. Direct exposure to a yeast infection simply causes the body to build up more yeast, rather than letting it be filtered out by the immune system. Therefore, it actually causes the exposed person to develop their own yeast infection. So, based on this technicality, it is not really contagious. This is why a lot of people are under the impression that they cannot infect their partner with their yeast infection.

It is still very easy to pass on, however. Intimate activities of any kind can lead to the spreading of this infection.  Although it has some specific conditions, it is still a very easy infection to give to others, and so, despite it not being literally contagious, it still has the same end result. Particular care should be taken at all times to make sure you do not get one yourself, or spread your pre-existing one around. Once you know this, you have one less question on your mind still unanswered. That is one less question for you to worry about. Then you can hopefully focus on the more important things, and ultimately concentrate on getting it treated. So now, there is no need to wonder, is a yeast infection contagious?