male yeast infection symptoms | symptoms of yeast infection in men | yeast infection in men symptoms | symptoms of male yeast infectionWhat are the most typical signs and symptoms of yeast infection in men?

Symptoms of yeast infection in men are less common than in women. However, they will appear whenever one or more potential triggers of male yeast infection symptoms are present. It is known that long-term antibiotic treatments, poor dietary habits, increased stress, a low immunity, diabetes and sexual intercourse may favor the occurrence of male yeast infection. Still, these are only the factors that can trigger the symptoms of male yeast infection and not the root cause of the problem. What really makes yeast infection manifest in men or women is the overgrowth of a harmful pathogen found inside the digestive tract, on the vaginal walls and also on the skin.

In a healthy body living in a more or less hygienic environment, the various types of microorganisms are perfectly balanced and they can live inside the body or on the skin without causing any health issues. But when the equilibrium is disturbed by the overgrowth of unfriendly fungus responsible for yeast infection in men, symptoms start manifesting.

Common Male Yeast Infection Symptoms

Similar to a vaginal yeast infection, the first symptom that appears in most men is the irritation and itching of the genitals, especially the head of the penis. This becomes reddish, sore and painful and may be covered by small red or white lesions. But it’s not only the genital area that can be affected by these male yeast infection symptoms: being given that unfriendly pathogens can live and overgrow anywhere on the body as long as they find warmth and moist conditions, other areas of the body can also be affected, causing skin yeast infection, yeast infection in the mouth or Candida Esophagitis.

Another sign of this condition is the burning sensation appearing with urination or whenever the penis comes in contact with clothing. A white yeast infection discharge forming around the penis head may also signal the presence of a yeast infection in men. When an infectious process starts, the body has to find a way to fight against the pathogens that triggered that infection and in this case, the discharge is the manifestation through which your body gives you a signal that there is a problem. Although these two symptoms of male yeast infection are not specific for this ailment only and can appear in other illnesses as well, it’s recommended to see a specialist whenever you notice one of the above manifestations.

Considered less typical for yeast infection in men, symptoms like fatigue and loss of energy and appetite may also indicate an overgrowth of harmful yeast build-up inside the body. Just like the previously described symptoms, these signs appear because the immune system fights hard to eliminate the harmful agents and restore the normal equilibrium and this process takes lots of energy. In some cases, indigestion, constipation and unusual cravings are also linked with the mentioned appetite changes because the digestive tract is very prone to abnormal Candida yeast overgrowth.

Joint pain and muscular aches affecting the back, arms and legs, swelling in the genital area and painful sexual contacts are other common manifestations of yeast infection in men. Symptoms like mood changes and depression can also be experienced during yeast infection episodes, although it’s not completely clear whether these are linked with the loss of energy and sexual desire or are induced by other mechanisms.

In order to prevent these unpleasant male yeast infection symptoms from appearing you have to keep your body’s internal flora well balanced and this can be done only by taking care of your body properly and by carefully avoiding the potential triggers of this condition. A preventive strategy can prove to be very useful. By incorporating an effective yeast infection home remedy as well as a Candida cleanse diet, you will be able to combat and prevent this painful and embarrassing medical condition.

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