tea tree oil yeast infection | tea tree oil for yeast infectionTea Tree Oil Yeast Infection Treatment

When it comes to the multiple benefits of tea tree oil, yeast infection is one of the many conditions that this well respected essential oil can successfully treat. However, it is important to know that this powerful herb is only suitable for certain types of yeast infection, since it is only suitable for topical application. Tea tree oil yeast infection treatment can be used externally to overcome skin yeast infection, in a sitz bath added to water to treat a vaginal yeast infection or perhaps to treat a candida rash and for women who are suffering from yeast infection under the breast.

Tea tree oil is a famous natural remedy that can be used to treat yeast infection. The essential feature of this substance is that it has very powerful anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, which helps ease the rash and the discomfort of the affected area. Normally, the microorganism that determines this illness is located on the human body, cohabiting harmlessly with the colonies of friendly bacteria. However, if the immune system weakens and the levels of friendly bacteria decrease in favor of Candida Albicans, this fungus will create the condition called Candidiasis. This disruption of the natural balance of the skin can be treated with tea tree oil, yeast infection symptoms will then subside. Furthermore, tea tree oil can be used in in a variety of ways, depending on the location of the yeast infection rash. Due to its anti-fungal action and the fact that it is a natural home remedy for yeast infection, the sufferer may be able to avoid harsh conventional medications. As a result of this, tea tree oil for yeast infection treatment has become more and more popular.
tea tree oil yeast infection | tea tree oil for yeast infection

 Where can tea tree oil be applied?

This depends highly on the areas that are affected by the candidal fungi. The most common locations for candidiasis include the genitals, the skin, the oral cavity and the stomach. Therefore, according to the location of the infection, tea tree oil is applied differently. However, one aspect needs to be kept in mind! Tea tree oil is a very powerful antiseptic substance and it may cause irritation of the skin. This is why, when it comes to tea tree oil, yeast infection may be cured with it, but the patient needs to try this essential oil in diluted form on a small healthy area of the skin before applying it on the affected one.

How to dilute tea tree oil for yeast infection treatment?

When dealing with skin or genital Candidiasis, such as a penile yeast infection, tea tree oil for yeast infection is used by applying it topically. The oil needs to be applied to the inflamed area, but it is important to remember that this essential oil needs to be diluted prior to application. By diluting the tea tree oil, yeast infection is efficiently treated, and any additional irritation is avoided. The best way is to mix 2 or 3 drops of oil in 3 tablespoons of water, then dip a cotton wool ball into the mixture and apply it to the affected area. Another efficient way to apply tea tree oil is to add a few drops of neat tea tree essential oil to your bath water. This will create a mild mixture that can both treat and prevent yeast infection.

Still in the research stages, it has been found that tea tree oil treatment for oral yeast infection is also very effective. Preparing a mouthwash mixture with a few drops of essential oil added to 200 ml water can be an effective way of using this oil.

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