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Identifying and Preventing a Yeast Infection Under Breast

Yeast infection under breast is a particularly troublesome form of skin yeast infection. In the majority of cases a yeast infection rash tends to manifest either internally or where there is skin overlapping on the body and so allowing moisture to accumulate. Thus many women who perhaps have larger breasts have an increased chance of developing a Candida yeast overgrowth in this area. This is an unfortunately common form of yeast infection. Breast yeast infection thankfully can be easily identified and quite effectively treated.

A yeast infection under the breasts is just like any other skin yeast infection. It causes rashes, redness and swelling, as well as itchiness. The skin can also chafe and peel off in some cases, leaving it scaly and sore. All these symptoms are incredibly uncomfortable, especially in the tender area of the breast. They also interfere quite a lot in daily life and relationships. Therefore, getting rid of a yeast infection under the breasts is very important.

A condition like this can be treated with conventional skin yeast infection treatments, but prevention by incorporating a reliable yeast infection home remedy into your treatment strategy will help you obtain a permanent cure. Yeast infection under breast is amongst the most uncomfortable types of yeast infection in women, but it could very easily be prevented by making simple changes to your diet and lifestyle.

The kind of bra you are wearing can have an effect on yeast infections under the breast. Because yeast infections manifest in damp, warm areas, those bras that are made of synthetic materials provide an ideal environment for yeast overgrowth. They increase the amount of moisture and make it all too easy for a yeast infection. Breast yeast infection is most common in women that wear bras that contain nylon or rayon.

Also make sure that you completely dry the area every time after you shower. This also goes for any other areas of skin where there is a fold. Make sure there is as little moisture as possible before you put on your clothes, so any remaining moisture does not get trapped.

Apart from the other preventive measures, another simple step you can take to avoid developing a yeast infection under breast is to shower every time after you exercise. Sweat is constantly forming in those warm areas such as under the breasts and trapped sweat makes the area very damp. It is not always possible to shower immediately after exercise though, but if you are getting yeast infections under your breasts quite often, you should consider doing this as often as possible.

The same prevention methods can be adapted and used as part of a treatment strategy. Using these alone may not clear your existing yeast infection, but by using them in combination with other methods, – preferably one recommended by experts, – the result could be rapid, efficient and permanent.

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